About MSR

Hi, My Name’s Michael and I’m the owner and chief everything officer (CEO, lol) of M Shinobi Recordings.

I remember me and my brother used to mess around with that old vinyl and cassette player that my Tito had in their house. We would plug in the microphone, find an unfortunate cassette tape and record on top of it. What we would do was play an Oasis song on deck a and record it on deck B along with my voice on top of the song. That was my first introduction to recording.


It wasn’t really that much but I know for sure, I love music and making it. I remember singing along with some Beatles song, hitting stuff as if I was a drummer. That was when I was 5 or 6 years old. Technology back then wasn’t as cool and easy as it is today. I lay my hands on every vinyl, cassette and CD that my Tito has. My pops bought my first CD. It was Beatles for Sale. I knew I was going to be, in one way or another, be a musician.

Fast forward to 2004. I find myself in a makeshift studio with a cassette recorder, a keyboard, and a guitar. I would create an entire composition using the keyboards for everything except guitars which I would play and record myself. I was in 3rd year highs chool at that time. The result was crap. It was not nice to hear. People laugh at it. Some are amazed but I can’t remember who they were. lol. But rest assured, It gave me that satisfaction.


I didn’t have money when I was in my teens. So all of those dreams of recording stuff were dissolved… Temporarily. When I got married, my wife used to have an old laptop. From there, with the help of the internet, I discovered tons of workarounds, hundreds of ideas and solutions. It showed me how I can record despite having nothing, no gears, no interface, no monitor speakers, no microphones; just a laptop and an old acoustic guitar. The result was, again, crap, garbage, trash.. But I was happy. I was proud.

Why am I saying this? Because.. Reasons. Nah, I just have nothing to write.

I produce, record, mix and master with whatever stuff I can do it with. Check out my portfolio. 🙂


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